Traits are chosen upon character creation, and helps paint the backdrop of who the character is. In terms of game mechanics, traits function in a manner similar to racial skills. They give you a special ability or a bonus in specific situations.

Every character starts with two traits, and there are some limits on how you may select your traits. There are three categories of traits:

  • Background traits. These traits relate to your character's history and origin. You can not select more than one background trait (but you do not have to take one if you do not wish to).
  • Mental traits. These traits relate to your characters innate mental faculties. You may select from zero to two traits of this category.
  • Physical traits. These traits relate to your characters natural physical talents. You may select from zero to two traits of this category.

Background Traits

  • Arctic Born - You hail from a land of perpetual ice and snow.
  • City Rat - You got your eductation in the mean streets of a great city.
  • Desert Born - You grew up under the baking desert sun.
  • Forest Born - You grew up in the depths of a huge forest.
  • Jungle Born - You were nurtured in the humid heat of the jungle.
  • Mountain Born - The great mountains are your native home.
  • Nomadic - Your people are natural wanderers, your home ever on the horizon.
  • Sea Born - You grew up on the shores of the sea.

Mental Traits

  • Bewitching
  • Bloodthirsty
  • Brave
  • Faithful Friend
  • Inspiring Presence
  • Master of Lore
  • Perceptive
  • Weapon Bond
  • World Traveler

Physical Traits

  • Lithe Acrobat
  • Resilient Toughness
  • Savage Appearance
  • Stout
  • Tough as Iron

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